May You Be Immersed In Love Today

Fly to a higher height

That extends beyond the moon.

Travel beyond space and time,

To live amongst the stars.

A feeling within the heart and soul,

That only sunrays can expose.

Upon a morning smile,

Love’s aurra reigns supreme.


An ever flowing sea for one to drown in eternally.


A friend of a higher power

That wraps it’s arms around you with an embrace of the day’s delight.


When you have it,

Hold it tight.

Cherish what is yours,

Which is the Love bestowed upon you.

Revel in tears of joy,

And remember the feeling.

May you be immersed in Love today.

And may Love forever in your heart remain.



Feed My Soul

Eyes awaken in the morn,
To see another day.
Well rested,
But still feeling depleted inside.

I need you.

Need your warmth.
Need to feel your heavenly body.
Want to consume all of you,
As your heavenly shade explores my soul.

I want you.

Naked before you, my dear,
I come to you for the comfort
That only you can give.
This heavenly being is the Sun.

And in the morning, I let its warmth feed my soul.