The Sky’s The Limit

I want to live like I’ve never lived.

No wasted moments.

No suspension of time.

I want to soar freely to higher heights,

And from the clouds I’ll emerge,

As I greet the sun on my way to heaven.

With a renewed heart, I feel love,

To be able to move with no fears, as I’ve left them behind.

Guided by a power like no other,

I can fly far beyond the moon.

The sky’s the limit.

And I’ll just keep going as if the sky is all mine.

Feed My Soul

Eyes awaken in the morn,
To see another day.
Well rested,
But still feeling depleted inside.

I need you.

Need your warmth.
Need to feel your heavenly body.
Want to consume all of you,
As your heavenly shade explores my soul.

I want you.

Naked before you, my dear,
I come to you for the comfort
That only you can give.
This heavenly being is the Sun.

And in the morning, I let its warmth feed my soul.