Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, I now proudly call New York City my home. I’ve been an elementary school teacher a little over 20 years, having taught grades first through fifth in Los Angeles and here in New York City.

     A hobby that I’m passionate about is writing. I thank my middle school English teacher, Mr. Roger Lawson, for introducing me to poetry writing. He taught me how to use the very powerful tool of written expression.

     What else about me? I have a love of music. I’m someone who has an adventurous spirit. I enjoy everything ranging from traveling, to sports to collecting sneakers. I love to read, I love to learn, I love people, and I love life.  At the end of the day, I’m proud of and love the person that I see in the mirror.

18 thoughts on “About

  1. My sister you old school with the Best of the Best: John Klemmer, Dexter Wansel, Jeff Lorber, Herbie
    Hancock, Roy Ayers, Al Jarreau, Grover Washington Jr., George Benson, Samara let me know how your page work, check out Dexter Wansel ( Solution) on you tube…

  2. Yes I spend some time on your page listening to our music and love every minute of it
    here a few you can checkout to see if you like them I believe you will.

    1. Mandrill – Moroccan Nights
    2. Donald byrd – Places and spaces out ther. (good sound)
    3.Donald Byrd – CHANGE
    4.Bobbi Humphrey – Harlem river drive
    5. Lonnie Liston Smith- Expansions

    • Salaam, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Looks like I have some more new music to explore. I had the chance to see an old episode of Soul Train, where Lonnie Liston Smith and Roy Ayers performed.

  3. And also I did read your Beautiful Poetry and the both was Beautiful keep it up my sister
    and always pass your Beautiful knowledge on stay strong….


    • Hello, Edward! I do like Billy Paul. There’s so many artists that I like, I said that I’d keep adding to my playlists over time 🙂

  4. Hi Samara,
    I love your site, and some of your music is really new and refreshing to me.
    Of course, the poetry is truly beautiful too.

    Take care and the best of luck to you.

    Joe Neely

  5. If you like music and poetry then you are likely familiar with Leonard Cohen, a Canadian artist. I had the great pleasure of taking in a Cohen concert recently. An amazing performer with lots of energy still at 78!

  6. Peace Queen
    Your Words and Wisdom is held in high regard….LOVE IT

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