Afterthoughts: Higher Vibrations

To float amongst the stars

Upon nightfall’s beautiful appearance

Is a feeling like no other.

Night’s shade can mask the day’s troubles

And transform darkness to light.

With head held high And prominent strut,

There’s a beating heart in sync with night’s rhythm.

Every note has the heart and mind in awe.

Every beat speaks of greatness and resiliency.

Sweet melodies written across the sky telling stories left untold.

Night’s shade has awakened the senses

Allowing the body to rise amongst higher vibrations.

Night Inspiration Saturday, October 8, 2022 @ 8 pm (EST) 

Space And Time

A beautiful being
And a kindred spirit.
Destined to be amongst the stars.
Creative energy flows
And positive vibrations,
Makes the celestial body of work that you are.
Made of scorpions and fire.
Astrology divine.
More than a sign, dispersed amongst space and time.
Happy birthday, to you.
It’s your time to shine.
It’s your light.
It’s your reason.
It’s your rhyme.

From Anger, Comes The Sun

At times,
I want to fly away
And live amongst the stars.

To let my light shine,
And illuminate the Earth.
Bask in my own happiness.

To shoot over the moon,
Past orbital bliss,
And burst into fallen tears of joy.

When my heart beats
To the rhythm of love,
I become at peace amongst the day’s light.
I become one with the sun.

Deep In The Still

Deep in the still,
And into the night.
Just me and Heaven’s eyes
Become one upon first sight.

I look to you for peace,
As you shine your light.
Amazed at your pure beauty,
Such a mass entity of delight.

I walk with thee in the night.
As I climb the righteous stairway.
Deep breath in
As I absorb what you say.

Deep in the still,
As you whisper in my ear.
Gentle breeze of a kiss.
What is it you see upon my face?
A tear?

A tear of joy falls upon my cheek,
That makes me drop to my knees
To bless this Earth.
Such a beautiful sight to be seen.

Deep in the still,
And into the night.
Just me and Heaven’s eyes
Become one upon first sight.