A monumental time

For a monumental age.

No celebratory bang.

Not one for playing charades.

Just wrapped in love

Amongst the days delight.

Gratitude ever flowing

As my inner light shines bright.

No need to utter words

Because my actions speak loud.

The reflection I see daily

Is one that I am proud.

50 years of life

With twists and turns

And lessons learned.

Ready for what the Universe unfolds before me now.


What Is Life To Cold Hands And An Empty Heart?

What is life to cold hands and an empty heart?

A meaningless nothingness.

A reflection of despair.

No humanity seen.

No love.

No care.

Mere ashes of hope gone dry.

Mere tears from when one cried.

No measure of value for bodies.

None for the dead nor alive.

I Learned To Dance So Well In The Rain

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene

And dance I did.

As my 46th bornday approaches on April 4th, I’ve been reflecting on my life’s journey. I’ve come a long way from being that eight year old kid who held back tears, swallowed her pain from abuse, and declared that I would grow up to be better than the examples that I was being shown at home.

I’ll always have a vivid memory of the Saturday that my father almost ended his life and mine. Even after he hurt me to my core on this day, I put hurt and fear aside. I wanted to live. I had the courage and the strength to survive.

In all of the heartache that I’ve been through, I’ve always pushed forward. And here I am today. I’m proud that I made the decision at age eight to live. I didn’t know what my life would be like as an adult, but I had dreams of a better life full of love. I can look in the mirror and smile, because some dreams do come true. I made it. Hearts can be emotionally battered and can bend. But, hearts can also feel love again. Hearts can also mend.

I’m gratefuI learned to dance so well in the rain.


Having  the  time  to  reflect  on  self,

I’ve  come  to  realize  that  what  I  seek  is  within  me.

I’ve  wallowed  in  self  doubt,  and  in  the  process

I’ve  put  creative  dreams  on  hold.

Always  making  excuses  for  what  I  can’t  do  and  why,

And  what  I  don’t  have  time  for.

The  years  have  slipped  away  for  making  dreams  a  reality.

The  years  have  slipped  away,  but  time  allows  for  second  attempts,

For  me  to  make  the  best  of  time  that’s  left.

I  see  so  clearly  now,  and  my  senses  are  alive.

I  feel  revived  as  if  a  new  me  has  been  born.

With  a  new  sense  of  self,  I  will create

What  might  be  the  masterpiece  of  a  lifetime.

A  masterpiece  to  make  me  weep  tears  of  joy

That  I  accomplished  what  I  set  forth  to  do.

I’ve  decided  to  put  fear  aside,  and  make  my  dreams  a  reality.

I  shall  try  once  again  without  reservation.

Having  the  time  to  reflect  on  self,

I’ve  come  to  realize  that  what  I  seek  is  within  me.

It’s  Creativity.

It’s  Happiness.

It’s  Paradise.