A monumental time

For a monumental age.

No celebratory bang.

Not one for playing charades.

Just wrapped in love

Amongst the days delight.

Gratitude ever flowing

As my inner light shines bright.

No need to utter words

Because my actions speak loud.

The reflection I see daily

Is one that I am proud.

50 years of life

With twists and turns

And lessons learned.

Ready for what the Universe unfolds before me now.


A Traveled Road

Friday, December 28, 2012
Dear Subscribers,

This is my final poem for the 2012 year, and it is my hope that I remain inspired to write more poetry in 2013 and beyond. I want to take this time to thank all of my subscribers for taking the time to visit my site, subscribe to my posts, like my poems, and leave encouraging comments. I truly appreciate it, and all of you.

Such a long road traveled
Towards awaiting happiness.
Could see it from afar,
And was close within reach.
Held out the deserving hands
To receive God’s gifts.
Heavenly they are,
As they beam like the golden sun.
His love engulfed the body,
And saturated the mind.
A smile was seen upon the face,
Because the happiness that was awaiting,
Was finally within the hands.
Happiness was stored within,
And illuminated outward upon praising His holy name.