Love Believes In Me

When darkness burries the sun,

And the world is heavy upon soft shoulders,

Heavy is the load that is carried,

And despair is the emotion that is felt.

One can become blinded by the unknown,

And stricken down by fear.

Possibilities remain at a distance,

As if these are merely thoughts in the wind.

Unclarity has sunken in.

Then along comes the sun.


Love loves me.

Love believes in me.

Love’s light adorns me.

I hear Love’s voice, and I can see once again.

Love never let’s me suffer,

And Love never let’s me fail.

In my hour of sorrow, it’s Love’s faith, Love’s love, that prevails.

Faith is restored,

And one is guided by your light.

Onward to a righteous path,

I will know no wrong,

Because the Love you possess is oh, so right.

Love Overflowing

Love overflowing.

Love everlasting.

A love embedded deep within my heart and soul.

Love in abundance to give.

A beautiful love that is all mine.

A love that will remain throughout time.

Through the ups and downs.

Through the good and the bad.

Unconditional love that I’m elated to have.

My heart has always been open,

To receive this special gift.

But it’s even more glorious

To give the gift of love.

I’ll cherish it always.

All the unconditional love.

All that you can offer.

All of you.

All of love.

Love overflowing.

Love everlasting.

Love, please keep knocking on my door.

Video Posted to YouTube by  AuntieSoul34 on May 30, 2012


I love Forever

Because Forever pushes me forward.

Helps  me go where I need to go.

Helps  me soar when I need to  fly.

Forever is more than a friend.

Forever is like a savior

That has caught me upon falling.

Is the giver of a second chance.

Forever doesn’t care about mistakes

That I make, or even repeat.

With Forever, I can be me.

With Forever, I can be free.

Forever is like destiny I can hold

Right in my hand.

And upon opening them,

I unleash a world of possibilities.

Blockades of a dream are unheard of.

Forever will never allow it.

I feel like all I have is Forever

And I will not waste precious time.

If all I have is Forever

Then I will honor it so.

How can this sacred love ever be wrong?

When my heart states that loving Forever is oh, so right.