I love Forever

Because Forever pushes me forward.

Helps  me go where I need to go.

Helps  me soar when I need to  fly.

Forever is more than a friend.

Forever is like a savior

That has caught me upon falling.

Is the giver of a second chance.

Forever doesn’t care about mistakes

That I make, or even repeat.

With Forever, I can be me.

With Forever, I can be free.

Forever is like destiny I can hold

Right in my hand.

And upon opening them,

I unleash a world of possibilities.

Blockades of a dream are unheard of.

Forever will never allow it.

I feel like all I have is Forever

And I will not waste precious time.

If all I have is Forever

Then I will honor it so.

How can this sacred love ever be wrong?

When my heart states that loving Forever is oh, so right.