I Want Your Love

     There’s something hauntingly good and nostalgic about one of Chic’s classics. From the very beginning of this particular masterpiece, the ear is blessed with the instrumental genius of guitarist Nile Rodgers and bassist Bernard Edwards. Take these strokes of genius and pair them with the sweet vocals of Luci Martin and Alfa Anderson, drummer Tony Thompson, and a mean string arrangement, and you have the 1978 hit single, ‘I Want Your Love.’ Chic’s album, ‘C’est  Chic’, gave birth to one of my favorite songs. It has a sound that is often missing in today’s music, and leaves me to embark upon a journey to find good music, just like that of “the good old days.” Fortunately, as long as there’s technology, good music will forever live on. You may be asking what is good music? The answer is any music that warms your soul. You’ll know the feeling when it hits you.

Chic ‘I Want Your Love’ Video Posted To You Tube By AuntieSoul34 On January 8, 2012

1 thought on “I Want Your Love

  1. My young Sister what you know about John Klemmer not to many people is up on him
    he come out doing the 1970’s nice taste of music….

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